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Alcohol Free Perfumes | Long Lasting & Luxury Fragrances!

DULCITUDE Dahn Al Oud 0.20 Fl. Oz.

$19999 USD

Inspired by the Italian culture, Dulcitude emits sweetness through a combination of vanilla and musk’s in its base and strong aldehydic florals at its top notes.

Scent Notes:

Top Notes: Lemon; Aldehyde; Mandarin; Rose

Heart Notes: Rose; Ylang; Orange Blossom; Peach

Base Notes: Vanilla; Musk; Patchouli; Sandalwood

How to Apply

Apply DULCITUDE Dahn al Oud Perfume Oil on the Inner Wrists & Elbows; we call it a classic spot and for long-lasting effect, put a small dab on palms, very lightly rub them together and then brush your palms on clothes.