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ZAHRA Body Gel for Women 30 gm

$3499 USD

In ZAHRA Body Gel the innocence and tenderness of the floral fragrances with the elegance of Musk & Amber that penetrates deep into your heart.

Scent Notes:

Top Notes: Floral; Rose

Heart Notes: Woody; Floral

Base Notes: Musky; Amber

How to Apply

Using the right amount of Body Gel is essential to ensure your skin is well nourished. Start by taking a small amount and rub it between your palms to warm it up. Then massage into the skin using both hands. Move from shoulder down or knees down to ensure you don't miss any spot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Harmony Rose
Happy Skin

The aroma of this body gel is like a slice of heaven. Not only does it make me smell amazing, but it also keeps my skin happy and moisturized. A definite must-have!

Tender Breeze

This body gel is gentle on my sensitive skin, yet invigorating. The texture is light, and it absorbs quickly. It's like a spa treatment in a bottle – truly luxurious!

Max Wellness
Quick & Lovely

Quick to put on, and oh-so-lovely! This body gel is my new fave because it doesn’t take forever to absorb, and my skin feels like a petal afterward. Plus, the scent is like a gentle hug.

Simple Glow

Keep it sweet and simple with this body gel! It gives my skin a lovely glow without any fuss. Smells sweet, feels nice – what more could you want?