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Alcohol Free Perfumes | Long Lasting & Luxury Fragrances!

FATEMA Body Lotion for Women 80 gm

$799 USD

Key Highlight

Top Note: Peach; Apple; Orange

Heart Note: Rose; Jasmine; Vanilla

Base Note: White Musk

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Harper S

This lotion doesn't just hydrate; it gives my skin a confidence-boosting glow. I've noticed a difference in how radiant my skin looks, and the subtle shimmer is a nice touch.

Sophia L
Elegant Packaging

Not only does this lotion work wonders, but the packaging is also elegant. The pump dispenser is convenient, and the feel of the lotion on my skin is pure luxury.

Penelope J.
Vacation in a Bottle

This lotion is like a vacation in a bottle! The tropical scent transports me to an island paradise, and my skin feels as though it's been kissed by the sun. A little escape every day!

Audrey M.
Lightweight Elegance

For those who prefer a lightweight option, this lotion is pure elegance. It absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated without any heaviness.

Maya K.
Post-Workout Refresh

After a sweaty workout, this lotion is my go-to for a post-exercise refresh. It cools and soothes my skin, providing instant relief and leaving me feeling invigorated.